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Learn More About Specific Compliance Topics

Special Reports

I have been hard at work compiling an array of Special Reports that discuss specific hot compliance topics and am now making them available to anyone that is interested in learning more about these issues.

Each report dissects the topic at hand as well as includes several articles discussing the subject, related Compliance Coach questions/answers and useful forms if applicable.

Each report is $99 including delivery and can be ordered by clicking the appropriate link below. Reports will be delivered electronically and will be in an Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

Additional reports will be added in the future. If you have a specific topic you'd like to have a report compiled on, please email Elizabeth Moreland at [email protected].


Ideas for Designing Efficient Compliance Operations

This 84-page report discusses...

  • IRS's Due Diligence Expectations

  • Staffing, Education & Procedural Considerations

  • Examines Systems to Help You Thrive & Survive

    • On-site Secrets to Success

    • Annual Recertification Systems that Work

    • Controlling Noncompliance & Internal Audits

    • Documentation & Record Retention


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Ensuring Your Rents are Correct... Working with Utility Allowances & Fees

This 53 page report addresses examines utility allowances and fees and their effect on your Housing Credit rents. Discussions include...

  • Final Utility Allowance Rules

  • Submetering

  • Utility Allowance Noncompliance

  • Rent Noncompliance



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Navigating the Post Year 15 Maze... Options & Decisions

This 489-page report helps you navigate your way through your Housing Credit properties Post Year 15 options and examines the pros & cons of each...

  • Qualified Contracts

  • Subsequent Allocations

  • Remaining in the Program

This report also includes a summary of Post Year 15 Compliance Monitoring Procedures state by state.


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Tricky Income Scenarios

This report examines some of the most tricky income & asset scenarios including...

  • Tips

  • Seasonal or temporary employment

  • Self-employment

  • Rental Income

  • Reversed Mortgages

  • Short Sales & Foreclosures

  • Land Contracts

  • Retirement Accounts

  • Stocks & Mutual Funds

  • Trusts


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Understanding Noncompliance... What It Really Is, What To Do About It & When to Panic

This 32-page report discusses the scariest subject in the Housing Credit Program... NONCOMPLIANCE. But not all noncompliance is created equal and to master it you must truly understand it. This report dissects...

  • First Year Certification Mistakes

  • Tenant Fraud

  • Non-profit Material Participation

  • Correcting Noncompliance

  • Casualty Loss

  • Tax Credit Loss & Recapture


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