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Its BAACCCKKKK... the popular guide that all site staff want!

Solving the Eligibility Puzzle... 5 Steps of  Determining Eligibility -- 2013 Edition

 If you are not familiar with this book, this is the one that your co-workers and peers are talking about. The book that explains everything you need to know, understand and do at the site level and as a compliance specialist! The book that walks you through… step-by-step… the process of determining initial eligibility and answers all of those nagging questions about verifications, income and assets, students, initial certifications and other key site compliance issues you face on a daily basis! A guide written in straight forward language with practical insight and with as little legalese as possible!

Solving the Eligibility Puzzle… Five Steps of Determining Eligibility is a handbook that is written in answer to the pleas from site people to give them an EASY TO READ resource tool that they could go to when they have questions rather than waiting for their supervisor to return their call or guess as to which way to handle a particular applicant scenario! A book that would concentrate on what they cared about… and that would be simple and to-the-point!

Whether you are starting rent-up or you are in the middle of your compliance period and handling turnovers, this book will walk you through the entire process and answer your questions.

  • Easy-to-read style!

  • Loaded with lots of examples, checklists, tips and techniques!

  • Perfect for new hires, on-site staff and compliance specialists!

Not only will it cover the eligibility rules, but it also will cover techniques for getting this whole process completed… timely and accurately… including:

  • How to interview ONCE and get all the paperwork needed the first time!

  • How to get verifications returned from 3rd party sources quickly!

  • How to work with full-time student households & document eligibility fully!

  • How to calculate income and asset income to determine eligibility accurately!

  • How to make the move-in happen smoothly!

  • How to document your files so even the finickiest of auditors are happy!

This book has proven to be an invaluable tool for your site people and compliance staff. It is also an excellent training tool even if the most you can do is hand it to your new hire and tell them to read it.


Includes all program changes through Change 4 of the HUD Handbook and Revenue Ruling 2013-17 released in August 2013!


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