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Preparing for the Compliance Certification Exam of Your Choice Has Never Been So Easy!

Compliance Certification Study Guide -- 2011 Version

Let’s be honest … those certification exams are tough! Whether the National Compliance Exam, the HCCP test or the C3P test… doesn’t matter… they are all tough exams! But don’t let that frighten you away! As with anything that is tough, the rewards of success are sweeter!

So yes, the Exam may be challenging, but along with the challenge comes the star-power to those that successfully take on the Exam and pass! Individuals who have successfully completed the Exam stand out in the crowd of Housing Credit Professionals as:

  • Knowledgeable!
  • Confident!!
  • Fully-prepared to take on the toughest of compliance scenarios!!!
  • And best of all, these individuals are…
    • sought-after;
    • highly-respected;
    • and among the highest paid in our industry!!!!

Because of this, I want to help you pass the exam of your choice so you can reap these benefits and that is why I spent part of this summer updating this one-of-a-kind guide.


Whatever exam you are taking...
our NCP exam, the Home Builder's HCCP test, Spectrum Seminar's C3P test, NAHMA's SHCM test, our SCS exam, etc...
this guide will prep you!

Fully updated to include all of the new rules as well as the information you need to know about each of the available industry compliance certifications and exams, this is a fantastic tool for those looking to show the industry you are a true professional!

The Compliance Certification Study Guide contains an EASY-TO-READ chapter on each common Testable Areas of the different compliance certification exam available to our industry! Whether you are taking on one of the advanced certification exams (NCP, HCCP, or C3P) or one of the site exams (SCS, SHCM, TCS or TaCCs), this guide thoroughly explains the concepts of each Testable Area using REAL-LIFE EXAMPLES to illustrate the important points. And, to help you further, when I updated the guide, I specifically include a road map that tells you which chapters you should complete for each specific certification exam so you don’t have to waste your learning information that is beyond what will be covered on the exam of your choice!

Plus… it doesn’t end there! Once you complete each designated chapter associated with the exam of your choice, you can test your knowledge of the material by taking the included SAMPLE TEST!

So if you are planning to take a certification exam,
fast-track your chances of passing
by picking up this updated guide today!
Only $299

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