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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a National Compliance Professional (NCP)?

It is Easy to Join! The application is a simple 1-page document! And membership is open to ANYONE! 

To become a National Compliance Professional (NCP), you must meet two requirements - a Knowledge Requirement and an Experience Requirement. If you are not able to meet the requirements, you may still become a member of the NCP Membership Group as a Candidate. 

Becoming an NCP-Candidate makes you eligible for all of the same benefits as a regular NCP, except the pin and plaque, as we want you to have all the tools you need while you are working your way towards becoming a full National Compliance Professional. 

The Knowledge Requirement can be met in ONE of THREE WAYS to suit your preference: 

  1. Pass the National Compliance Exam; 

  2. Pass Spectrum's C3P test or the Home Builder's HCCP test; or 

  3. If you hate to take test, you can also meet the Education Requirement by earning your Compliance Diploma which earned when you have accrued 22 continuing education units (CEUs) through the Housing Credit College and/or the Housing Credit Online Training Center.  

To meet the Experience Requirement you just need to show 6 months or more experience working in Housing Credits!

To download a copy of NCP Membership Application, click here

How do I become a National Compliance Professional-Executive (NCP-E)?

If you have passed one of the industry exams listed above AND earned your Housing Credit Compliance Diploma as well as meet the 6 month Experience Requirement, you have are eligible to be an National Compliance Professional-Executive or NCP-E. This means you are also eligible for a different certificate and NCP pin (yours has a ruby in it!!)

Do I need to pass a test to become an NCP Candidate?

No. You may become an NCP by earning your Housing Credit Diploma through the Housing Credit College. This diploma is the first in this industry. Simply attend 3 different courses offered through the Housing Credit College.  

Will I have to take another class and pass another test to become an NCP?

No! First and foremost, understand we are not going to make you repeat the grueling process if you have already passed the HCCP test or Spectrum's C3P test.

How much money is this going to cost me?

It's Affordable! Only $199 per year!

When is my membership up for renewal?

All membership run on a calendar year therefore expire on December 31.

To download a copy of NCP Membership Application, click here

Will there be a continuing education requirement?

Yes. To maintain your NCP designation there is a continuing education requirement. We want to ensure that all those bearing the NCP pin and credentials have what it takes in the tough world of Housing Credit compliance. And since the Housing Credit world is so complex and ever changing, we feel it is necessary to require continuing education each and every year. 

If you are an NCP-Candidate or an NCP you must earn 4 hours of continuing education credits. If you are an NCP-Executive, you must earn 6 hours of continuing education.

These continuing education credits can be earned at any of our public events including the Annual NCP Conference, P&P Boot Camp Revisited or special live workshops we conduct. You can also easily earn the credits online at the Housing Credit Online Training Center. We will also accept documentation of attendance at a training held by a State Monitoring Agency or any other national recognized Housing Credit trainers (i.e., Spectrum Seminars, TheoPro Compliance & Consulting, the National Affordable Housing Management Association, National Center for Housing Management, A.J. Johnson Consulting, Quadel Consulting, Novogradac & Co., etc.).  

If I am currently an NCP-Candidate or NCP, how do I upgrade my designation to the next level?

All you have to do is complete the NCP Upgrade indicating how your status has changed and submit it to our office. 

For example, if you were previously an NCP-Candidate because you have yet to meet the Experience Requirement of 6 months or more, and now you have completed your 6 months, just complete the form with the pertinent information. We will then upgrade your status from NCP-Candidate to NCP and send you out the remaining part of your NCP Membership Kit - specifically your PIN AND NCP DESIGNATION CERTIFICATION. 

The same goes if you are currently an NCP but now meet the requirements for becoming an NCP-Executive because say for example you've now earned the Housing Credit College Diploma or you have passed either the National Compliance Exam or the HCCP test. 

To download a copy of NCP Membership Application, click here

What makes the NCP designation different than the other Housing Credit designations out there?

Our motives are quite simple. We want to give you a REAL designation. Something with more than just a pin to wear, a set of initials to place behind your name and a listing on a web site that is infrequently visited. Let's be honest, that stuff is nice, but you want something more tangible. We want to provide that to you.

To download a copy of NCP Membership Application, click here

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