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Need to Get Certified in Compliance? 

You've Come To the Right Place!!

What Does It Mean To Be Compliance Certified How Do I Achieve It

Article Explaining the Difference Between All of the Industry's Tax Credit Certifications (NCP, HCCP, C3P, SHCM, TaCCs, TCS)

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Site Level Certifications Supervisor Level Certifications

More and more State Agencies, investors and management companies are requiring people who work on or with Tax Credit Properties to become "certified in compliance". Its the new push today in the Housing Credit industry and, quite frankly, it makes sense. You are running an important aspect of this affordable housing program and the industry is stating... no demanding... you be certified in what you do. 

But what does "certified in compliance" mean?

Many people jump to the immediate conclusion that when your State, investor or employer tells you to get certified, it means you must earn a full-blown designation. BUT STOP!! This may NOT be what they actually mean. Despite the fact the word "certified" is used, often what they are really looking for is proof you have been EDUCATED or have earned CONTINUING EDUCATION CREDITS by taking  professionally instructed courses. Other times, they are truly mandating an actual Certification Designation be earned. So, do yourself a favor and determine exactly what they are looking for -- Education only or an actual Certification Designation.

If an actual Certification Designation is what you are after, you need to understand there are multiple designation opportunities available to you. To decide which designation level is right for you, look to your current responsibilities as these designations really fall into 2 simple categories... SITE LEVEL certifications and SUPERVISOR LEVEL certifications.


Site Level Certifications

Site level certifications are for professionals that:

  • work day in and day out with applicants & residents;
  • make decisions at the property level including those regarding unit transfers, increases to income, and vacancies;
  • work with the residents that live at these properties;
  • process verifications and calculate income eligibility; and
  • deal with their eligibility at move-in as well as at recertification.

The Site Level Designations focus on the skills and knowledge in these areas testing you to determine if you have mastered these requirements and, if you have, rewarding you accordingly.

At Elizabeth Moreland Consulting, Inc., our site level designation is called the...

Site Compliance Specialist

A certification for those on the front-lines!

Who should consider earning this certification?

  • site managers
  • leasing agents
  • compliance specialists
  • supervisors of site & compliance staff


  • anyone responsible for approving or auditing compliance paperwork
Supervisor Level Certifications

Supervisor level certifications are for professionals that:

  • supervise site and compliance staff;
  • communicate with investors, State Monitoring Agencies, and owners;
  • provide assistance and expertise to the development team;
  • coordinate rent-up on new properties or rehabs;
  • oversee the implementation of compliance software; and
  • answer the difficult compliance & management questions and/or troubleshoot or problem solve difficult scenarios

The Supervisor Certifications moves beyond site level knowledge and focuses on the bigger Tax Credit Program picture including development, allocation, financing, syndication, and property management.

At Elizabeth Moreland Consulting, Inc., our site level designation is called the...

National Compliance Professional

Advanced certification for those desiring "expert" status!

Who should consider earning this certification?

  • managers
  • supervisors
  • compliance directors
  • asset managers


  • Anyone looking to move into one of the above positions
Note: The designations above are administered by Elizabeth Moreland Consulting, Inc. There are other designations in the industry administered by other organizations. For example, NAHMA also has a site level designation known as SHCM and the National Association of Home Builders has a supervisor designation known as the HCCP. A complete list of these and the requirements for obtaining them can be found by clicking here. This listing was compiled for your convenience but will not be maintained or updated. Please contact the administrator of the designation directly for the most current information.

Now... once you know what you need -- education or certification -- how do you obtain it?

Depending on how your State Monitoring Agency defines "certified in compliance", your current position, and your career goals, pick a certification and then read how to obtain it below. IF YOU ARE NEW TO THE INDUSTRY... it is best if you start with a site level certification. Once you have mastered site compliance, then move on to the advanced or supervisory certification. PLUS, don't forget about future career goals and consider earning multiple designations as the adage... "more is better"... truly fits here!

I only need education...

If you need education to get started or a refresher course to keep current, the easiest, fastest, and most convenient way to do this is by taking a course online! Yep... today incredible Tax Credit compliance and management courses are available right from the convenience of your own computer... 24 hours a day... 7 days a week... which means no traveling and minimal, if any, time out of the office!! Visit the Housing Credit Training Center and view the Course Catalog to select the course or courses that fit your needs best!

You can take individual courses or a group of courses through the Site Course Package Plan. Make this decision based on the number of credits or course hours needed to meet your goals and to satisfy your State Agency, investor and/or employer.

Bonus for Obtaining Your Education Through Us!!

Now quite frankly, you should be rewarded for showing dedication to your compliance education because without education, Tax Credit compliance and properties are at risk.

That is why, if you obtain your education through us and earn enough credits, you will be awarded your Compliance Diploma! The Compliance Diploma is nationally recognized and shows the industry that you are a dedicated professional committed to your compliance education!

To earn your Compliance Diploma, you must accrue 22 credits via any of our public workshops, private seminars or online courses at the Housing Credit Training Center. Courses taken through other vendors are not eligible.

Once you have earned enough credits, you can order your official diploma through us by completing our order form and indicating the courses you took to earn these credits. We will then review our records to verify all credits were indeed earned. Once approved, we will mail out your official Compliance Diploma suitable for framing. There is no charge for original Diplomas. Expedited shipping charges may apply if you need or want rush delivery. Be sure to indicate such on the order form. There is a nominal charge for replacements or additional copies.


I want to earn my Site Compliance Specialist (SCS) certification...

The Site Compliance Specialist certification is for professionals that work on and with site compliance including certifying applicants and recertifying residents; processing verifications and calculating income eligibility, applying the special rules such as the full-time student rule and unit transfers, and handling increases to income and vacancies.

To become a Site Compliance Specialist, you must pass the Site Compliance Exam...

  • This Exam is comprised of 50 questions divided into 5 Testable Areas.
  • To pass this Exam you must answer 40 of the 50 questions correctly.
  • The Exam is graded as Pass or Fail
  • When you pass, you immediately earn your Site Compliance Specialist (SCS) certification
    and all of the respect and accolades that come with it. 

To prepare for the Exam...

  • IF YOU ARE NEW OR INEXPERIENCED.... Enroll in the Site Course Package Plan at the Housing Credit Training Center as it will walk you through all of the site compliance requirements you must master to pass the Exam and become an SCS

  • IF YOU HAVE SOME EXPERIENCE BUT WANT A GOOD OVERALL REFRESHER... Enroll in Housing Credits 245: Site Compliance Specialist at the Housing Credit Training Center as it will focus on the 5 Testable Areas that make up the Exam and fully prepare you to take it.

  • IF YOU ARE UNSURE WHERE YOU KNOWLEDGE IS AT... Enroll in the Compliance Assessment at the Housing Credit Training Center as it is an impartial assessment of your current knowledge and will let you know if you are ready to take the Exam now or if you need to bolster your education a bit. If the latter, the Assessment will indicate which courses you should take before taking the Exam.

To take the Exam...

  • The Site Compliance Exam is available online at the Housing Credit Exam Room!

  • The cost to take the Exam is $199 and retakes are $49.

  • You may register and pay online or offline.

  • Once you are register for the Exam, you will have access to it for 14 days.

  • Once you start the Exam, you will have 2.5 hours to complete it so you will want to be sure to have uninterrupted time during the 14 day access period to take it.

  • After you complete the Exam, you will receive your results IMMEDIATELY!

  • If you pass the Exam, you will be able to print out your temporary SCS designation certificate and can order your official certificate and pin by completing our order form. Official certificates and pins are FREE however their is a charge for rush deliveries, duplicates and/or replacements.

  • If you fail the Exam, you may retake it at anytime. Retakes are $49 and must be ordered offline. Just complete the Exam Order Form and submit our office. Allow 2-3 weeks for processing. You will be notified via email when your Exam Retake is ready for you.


I want to earn my National Compliance Professional (NCP or NCP-E) certification...

To become a National Compliance Professional, you must complete 3 steps...

  • Meet an Education Requirement... we give you 2 different ways;
  • Meet an Experience Requirement... its simple; and
  • Complete a 1 page certification application... includes membership into the NCP Membership Group!

Step #1: Meet the Education Requirement in 1 of 2 ways.



IMPORTANT NOTE: If you meet BOTH of the educational requirements -- pass one of the advanced compliance tests and earn your Compliance Diploma -- you are eligible to become a National Compliance Professional-Executive (NCP-E) after you meet the experience requirement discussed next.

Step #2: Meet the Experience Requirement.

  • The Experience Requirement is met when you have 6 months or more experience working in the Tax Credit field.

  • Doesn't matter the position just that you have worked with Tax Credits specifically.

Step #3: Complete NCP Membership Application.

  • Complete a 1 page certification application.
  • PLEASE UNDERSTAND: In order to become a National Compliance Professional, you must fully complete this last step as you are not an NCP simply by passing the National Compliance Exam.
  • Pay annual fee which includes your annual certification and membership into the NCP Membership Group.
  • There are 3 different membership fee levels... Regular, Silver or Gold.
  • Regular memberships are $199.
  • Silver and Gold membership levels change every year and include special tools you can pick up along with your NCP membership.
  • May apply as an NCP-Candidate if you have not yet fulfilled your Education and Experience Requirements and upgrade to NCP or NCP-E once fulfilled at no additional charge.


Please Note: You must renew your NCP certification each year which includes earning continuing education credits. If you are an NCP-Candidate or NCP, you must earn 4 CEUs annually and if you are an NCP-Executive, you must earn 6 CEUs annually.

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